Shots, Cocktails, Classics, and, "Oh, my gosh. You've got to try this!"


Irish Car Bomb- Guiness, Bailey's, Jameson, and some "troubles" make for creamy deliciousness.

Peanut Butter & JellyThe childhood favorite that you can drink.  Exclusively for adults.

Bit O' Honey-  The candy in liquid form.  Gives new meaning to the word "buzzed."

Jagerbomb-  "It's got the moves like Jager.  It's got the moves like Jager.  It's got the moooooves like Jager."

American Apple Pie-  "This one time, in band camp, I had a couple of these and I can't tell you what happened next."

Boilermaker-  This is one of those drinks that people say, "How can this be legal?"

Candy Cane-  Minty goodness with a dullop of whipped cream on top.  The Holidays are whenever you want them. 


Mojito-  No drink says "sophisticated" better, or "sooofistacatted" after two or three.

Long Island Iced Tea-  It's not from Long Island and there's no tea in it, so why the name?

7 & 7-  We'll make the "Mad Men" drink, you provide the clothes and cigarettes.

Cosmopolitan-  Carrie and her friends would fight each other over this one.

Alabama Slammer-  We are not responsible if you drink this and then find your relatives attractive.

Green Apple Martini-  Shaken?  Stirred?  How about poured from a machine, Mr. Bond?

Angry Balls-  Wait until you have hard cider and cinnamon whiskey dancing on your tongue.


Sangria-  Fruit Flavor?  Check.  Wine?  Check.  Knock you on your butt?  Check, please.

Pina Colada-  "You'll like our Pina Colada, and we hope it don't rain on your party."

Sex On The Beach-  This is the drink that made all of those Annette Funicello movies so popular.

Margarita-  Buffett tried to take this recipe and we said, "Get out of here, you long-haired hippy!"

Jack & Coke-  Considering all the great "Jacks" in the world (Nicholson, Tripper, Kevorkian), this one is the best.

White Russian-  The Soviets should have led with their vodka and kept the tanks and guns at home.

"Oh, my gosh.  You've got to try this!"

Dr. Feelgood-  The doctor says to take a couple of these and sleep in tomorrow.

The Grinch-  We just love this big, sweet, green guy, and his little dog too.

Blue Moon Rising-  Blue Moon beer, vodka, and a splash of OJ make for the best screwdriver you have ever had.

Devil's Drink-  Some say, "The Devil is in the details."  We say it's in this nasty, little concoction.

Mimosa-  People ask, "Does it have fizz?"  We say, "It has fizz and a whole lot of flavor."

Vodka Red Bull-  It will give you wings...and a whole lot more.

S'Mores-  With marshmallow vodka and chocolate liquor, the only thing missing is the campfire.